Thursday, May 18, 2006

Ready for recovery

Yeah. Oh yeah. This morning I ran 10 miles, then lifted weights. I'm dreaming of the weekend when I go away and can sleep in and not work very hard.

But it was a good recovery run - low heart rate and intensity, but a nice hill climb (1 mile climbing) at the end.

Today's data:

Pre-workout: Banana and milk in coffee: 100 cals
Workout fuel: 1 GU, 100 cals
Breakfast: Ham, cheese, milk in coffee, yogurt, granola: 450 cals
Lunch: Dungeness crab salad, yum: 300 cals
Snack: Mojo bar, crackers: 260 cals
total so far: 1210 calories
Snack: Banana caramel light frappuccino: 230 cals
Dinner: Chicken breast, corn, coffee cake: 800 cals
Total today: 2240 calories yuck

Run 10 miles
Lift weights
1000 calories burned


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